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10 Amazing & Totally FREE Self-Care Options

10 Amazing & Totally FREE Self-Care Options

Treating yourself is nice, but self care can be expensive! Turns out, there are a bunch of self-care options that won’t cost you anything. Take a look at our list of fun ways to take care of yourself that won’t hurt your wallet.

1. Put down your phone

Unplugging can be so great. Phones connect us, but they’re also a constant source of stress. With comments, notifications, texts, emails, and so much more, your phone will never stop. Turning it off can help you reset and relax.

2. Take a nap

Napping is the ultimate. Giving yourself a chance to rest is important, but just make sure you don’t accidentally oversleep, which might make you feel groggy and create more issues when you’re trying to fall asleep at night.

3. Binge watch something you love

There’s so much to watch, and it can be hard to make time for something new or continue with your favorite show. It’s fun to start a long series, but if you want to go with something short and sweet, try a miniseries or a half-hour drama with 6-13 episodes.

4. Take a hot shower or bath

Taking a shower or a bath can be relaxing and give you a little burst of energy. Set aside that time for a luxurious bubble bath or jump in the shower with amazing body care products to give you the ultimate fresh/clean feeling.

5. Go outside

Whether you’re taking a pet for a walk or going on a bike ride around your neighborhood, getting outside for a little while is an easy way to feel rejuvenated.

6. Talk to an old friend

Reconnecting with an old friend from school or with someone you haven’t seen since you were a kid can be a fun, nostalgic journey. Enjoy dinner in person or maybe a Skype call if you live far apart. Talking about everything that’s happened over the years and reminiscing can deliver that special “blast from the past” to your life.

7. Go window shopping (adding to the online cart counts)

Window shopping (even online) is a fun way to check out new trends and find cute outfits that you can purchase when you have more $$$ or the next time they’re on sale.

8. Revisit Your Old Favorites

Listening to some favorite music from your childhood is the best 🙂 Creating a playlist of nostalgic songs is a great way to take yourself back to a simpler time.

9. Make Art

Even if you don’t have the skills, making art is an awesome creative outlet. Whether you love the outcome or not, drawing, painting, or even coloring can help you focus, calm down, and potentially create something beautiful.

10. Perform Acts of Service

Service can allow you to give back to your community and help you stay present. Volunteering at the ASPCA, your local Planned Parenthood, or with other organizations can make you feel more connected to those in your area.





Natasha Davis, Pill Club Copywriter

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