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3 Questions with Kristine Fernandez, Lifecycle Marketing Associate

3 Questions with Kristine Fernandez, Lifecycle Marketing Associate

Introducing our Lifecycle Marketing Associate, Kristine Fernandez! Based in Dallas, TX, Kristine loves to pass the time outside of work binge watching TV shows, hiking, cooking, and baking (if you’re lucky, she might even share her favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe!). She’s a pro at cooking Asian cuisine—especially Thai and Filipino foods—which are reminiscent of home. We spoke with Kristine about what it’s like going from college to startup life and why she’s excited to continue growing with The Pill Club.

Tell us about your path to The Pill Club.

I attended San Jose State, where I majored in public health with a concentration in healthcare administration. Initially I considered studying nursing, but ultimately decided to stick with my passion for promoting access to healthcare. Around the time of my college graduation, I was looking for a birth control provider for myself. I came across The Pill Club, and on a whim, decided to look for an open role. That’s when I saw the opening for Patient Care Coordinator, applied, and was hired right out of college. Given my studies in public health, I couldn’t pass up the chance to work at a women’s health startup since it seemed like a natural tie-in—and I’m so glad that I did!

Since joining The Pill Club, I’ve had several opportunities to grow professionally, from Patient Care Supervisor and Social Media Supervisor, to most recently joining the growth and marketing team as Lifecycle Marketing Associate. I’ve been with the company since 2018 when we were a team of about 50 people servicing 3 states. We now serve women all over the country and have grown our team 8x what it was since then. It’s been amazing to grow with the company along the way!

What’s your day-to-day like?

I recently started a new role as Lifecycle Marketing Associate, where I’m focused on communication and engagement with members throughout all stages of their journey with The Pill Club. I create various programs to help build relationships with our potential users, welcome new patients to the club, and keep our current patients in the loop!

Before that, I had a more specialized role straddling patient care and social media, where I facilitated incoming member questions from our social media platforms to ensure that they were answered accurately and quickly. I’m so grateful to the Patient Care team—I’ve loved working alongside people who are similarly motivated to be advocates for our members—and I’m looking forward to stepping into my new role.

Travel is starting to feel like a possibility in the not-so-distant future. What’s top of your list?

In the near term, I definitely want to be on a beach with a refreshing beverage in hand! I think a lot of people are dreaming about beach vacations these days. One of my travel goals is to visit every national park, and I would love to visit Yellowstone next. Once international travel seems more realistic, I would probably plan a trip to Spain or Iceland to see the northern lights.

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