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3 Questions With Heather Jimenez, Nurse Practitioner

3 Questions With Heather Jimenez, Nurse Practitioner

Meet Heather, a family nurse practitioner serving members in Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, Vermont, and Washington! Heather is passionate about creating a comfortable, safe space for our members to discuss their reproductive health and contraceptive care options. Outside of work, Heather’s interests include: spending time with her husband and kids, hot yoga, jogging, hiking, traveling, and eating great food. Read on to learn more about Heather!

Tell us about your path to The Pill Club.

From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to be a nurse. My mom is a nurse, and every summer during my childhood, I spent time volunteering at the hospital with her. Looking back, I realize that she was trying to keep me out of trouble, but it helped me to realize how passionate I am about helping others. One day, my mom set up a job shadow for me to follow a nurse practitioner—the rest is history!

I spent most of my registered nurse profession at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix working on a floor that specialized in gynecological surgeries, as well as colorectal, medical surgery, and palliative care. I knew that I wanted to have more autonomy and work in an outpatient setting to help promote wellness, so I went back to school and obtained my Master of Science in Nursing to become a family nurse practitioner. I worked at a clinic near a large university and instantly fell in love with providing sexual and reproductive care to people of all walks of life.

I found The Pill Club in September of 2019 and have never looked back. I’m proud to work with such strong advocates for reproductive health, and I’m honored to play a role in our company mission to break down barriers to contraceptive care.

As a nurse practitioner, what’s your day-to-day like?

I typically serve our members through video visits from my home office. My schedule varies, so some days start as early as 6:00am PST or as late as 9:00pm PST. I love conducting video visits because it allows our members to ask their questions from the comfort of their home, bathroom, car, work—you name it. I’ve seen it all!

During each video visit, I spend time reviewing past medical and surgical history, all pertinent health information, previous side effects on birth control, and contraceptive preferences. Common questions that I receive include: how to start birth control, what to do if a pill is missed, and possible side effects. I often make recommendations for contraceptive options, but ultimately, the choice is up to our members! I also provide follow up sexual and reproductive health education. When I’m not conducting video visits, I often answer questions from our members via text or through our patient care line.

What has birth control allowed you to achieve?

Birth control empowered me to have my children on my own terms. Ultimately, this provided an opportunity for me to travel and focus on my education and career development. Not to mention, it helped to keep my skin clear!

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