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3 Questions with Tresa Wallace, Nurse Practitioner

3 Questions with Tresa Wallace, Nurse Practitioner

Meet Tresa, one of the many incredible nurse practitioners here at The Pill Club! Tresa serves our members across Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, and Washington. Tresa is passionate about educating women about their sexual and reproductive health so that they feel empowered to make their own choices—and she makes it fun! (catch one of her Instagram "sex ed-style" videos). When she’s not providing expert care for our members, Tresa enjoys traveling, digging into the latest fashion and design trends, and watching her boys play sports. Read on to learn more about Tresa!

Tell us about your path to The Pill Club.

My career path has been anything but linear, but once I decided to become a women’s health nurse, I knew that I'd complete my education and training in my own time. I fundamentally believe that success isn't measured by how long it takes for you to reach your goal—all that matters is that you set your goal and accomplish it in your own time.

I started my career in nursing working in oncology (it’s also where I met my husband while treating his mom). Following my undergrad clinical rotation, I spent 12 years working as a labor and delivery nurse. During that time, I continued to pursue my studies and went on to earn my Bachelors in Science and Nursing, followed by my Masters in Science and Nursing.

Since then, I've had several jobs as a nurse practitioner, from working at a private practice OB-GYN to a mental health clinic to Planned Parenthood and most recently, the Department of OB/GYN at Louisiana State University. Along the way, I’ve worked with both Medicaid and commercial insurance patients, which has been so valuable because it’s given me exposure to different patient populations.

I joined The Pill Club in November 2020, and I’ve been with the team ever since. I love that we have an opportunity to educate our patients. As they say, knowledge is power. That’s how I feel when it comes to helping women understand their sexual and reproductive health—it’s one of the reasons I chose to specialize in women’s health.

As a nurse practitioner, what’s your day-to-day like?

I mostly work with our members through synchronous telemedicine visits (video calls). In case I’m counseling visual learners, I like to take calls with all of my props—a pack of birth control pills, a vaginal ring, female condom, and a model of the uterus to provide context. I also like to work from a pink desk that I painted myself!

On any given day, I frequently get asked the best types of birth control, how to use birth control to skip period cycles, and whether or not a specific birth control will cause weight gain (fact check: although birth control affects everyone differently, the only birth control known to cause significant weight changes is Depo-Provera).

Of course, working in telemedicine is different from my days working at Louisiana State University, but I love that I have the chance to meet women from all over the country. These are women I wouldn't normally come across in a traditional clinic setting—sometimes they’re at work, sitting in their cars, walking from school, or sitting on the couch with their kids.

Getting feedback directly from our members is another rewarding part of the job. Members have shared that The Pill Club gives them flexibility they didn’t have before, and in some cases, has enabled them to get access to birth control more quickly than if they had waited to see their local healthcare provider. And when they share how much they appreciate our community of advanced nurse practitioners, that gives me the biggest smile knowing that I’m making a difference in their lives.

What has birth control allowed you to achieve?

Birth control has allowed me to achieve and conceive when I choose to! Pregnancy prevention was very important to me while I was obtaining my degrees in nursing. Hormonal birth control was an excellent choice for me.

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