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3 Questions with Silvia Leo, Patient Care Advocate

3 Questions with Silvia Leo, Patient Care Advocate

Meet Silvia! This Texas native is an avid reader and enjoys any kind of fantasy, romance, or mystery novel. Currently, Silvia is reading her way through 150 books—a personal goal of hers to complete by the end of this year. When she’s not reading or baking (lemon meringue pie is her specialty), Silvia works as an advocate on The Pill Club’s Patient Care team. We spoke with Silvia about the perks of startup life, why The Pill Club’s mission is personal to her, and where she’s planning her next vacation.

Tell us about your path to The Pill Club.

I’ve worked in many different industries over the years, from social services to workers’ compensation to the nonprofit sector, so when I learned about an opportunity at The Pill Club, I thought that working at a startup could be a new adventure. And it has been! Unlike past jobs at larger companies, where the company culture has already been set in stone, working at The Pill Club is different: we’re still a relatively young company, so I have more of an opportunity to play a role in helping to shape the workplace culture.

What does the company mission mean to you?

I think back to my own struggle getting birth control when I was in my late teens / early twenties. I used to go in-person to a nearby family planning clinic, but being able to get my birth control delivered would have taken a lot of the discomfort out of the experience. It also took me a while before I found a healthcare provider that I could trust to speak openly with about my health.

That’s what inspires me about what we’re doing at The Pill Club. Not only are we taking the hassle out of getting birth control, but we’re also a resource for members looking for trusted advice about their health.  As a member of the Patient Care team, we’re often the first touchpoint when members reach out with questions so I see firsthand how we’re making a tangible difference.

Now that some COVID restrictions are letting up, where would you like to travel?

Ireland is definitely on the list for when my husband and I can take a bigger trip. We recently found out that all the state parks are open for camping, so in the near term, we’re aiming to visit the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls (I say camping, but it would probably look more like glamping if I have my say in the matter!).

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