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Employee Spotlight: Pamon Forouhar

Employee Spotlight: Pamon Forouhar

Meet Pamon Forouhar, The Pill Club’s Director of Strategy based in San Francisco. When he’s not hiking, trying new coffee shops, or perfecting cookie recipes, Pamon is leading the charge on all things dermatology to help us roll out this essential new service to members. Patient Care’s Jorge Vargas recently sat down with Pamon to talk about career advice, what keeps him motivated, and the path that led him to The Pill Club.

What are three facts about you that might surprise people?

Well, the first thing you should know is that I’m 15 years behind on anything pop culture-related. So if anyone has suggestions for shows, music, or movies, I’ll gladly take some help!

I once won a car on a game show, and I'm a big hugger. I mean BIG—once, when I hugged my high school librarian, I accidentally broke one of her ribs! Don’t worry—she fully recovered and remains one of my closest mentors despite what happened.

Tell us about your path that led to The Pill Club.

I’ve worked in health care for almost a decade—both at small startups and big health care companies. I was an early employee at a diabetes startup, where I helped launch the first product, and I also spent time at Proteus Digital Health exploring different commercial strategies. Just before The Pill Club, I worked for many years in consulting for Boston Consulting Group’s health care clients. I also did a stint at Google X, working on their newest “moonshot” initiatives.

I’ve always been drawn to the fast pace of smaller companies and knew I wanted to make the switch. When I came across The Pill Club, I was immediately hooked by the mission (who wouldn’t be!?). And as I got to meet more people during the interviews, it was clear that the people and culture were stellar.

What do you feel is your greatest strength?

I love getting to know people! Whether it’s a quick conversation with someone at the supermarket or a catch-up with one of my oldest friends, I love getting closer to people and learning about their lives and perspectives. It not only helps me stay energized, but has also let me build relationships with people that I seemingly don’t have a lot in common with.

What motivates or inspires you professionally?

It’s hard for me to pick just one, so I’ll have to say people and impact. There’s nothing more fun and inspiring to me than working with people that are brilliant, thoughtful, kind, and positive to be around. No matter the job, people can always keep me engaged.

And then impact. Knowing that I’m part of a team that can actually make a meaningful difference in even one person’s life keeps me going. The launch of our dermatology pilot is a great example—we’re able to respond to what our members want in a timely, thoughtful way. And there’s so much more that we can and will do with the community that we’ve built!

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

This one is hard! I’ve been lucky to receive a lot of wisdom from those around me. A couple of principles I try to operate by: follow incredible people and leaders when choosing where to work, and continuously operate outside of your comfort zone so you make sure you’re always learning.

Who are three people—dead or alive—you’d invite to a dinner party?

Definitely my grandparents. Family time has always been important to me, and I would LOVE to maximize it if possible, particularly with those that are no longer here. I never met two of my grandparents, but grew up hearing incredible stories about their humor and compassion. It would be hard to only pick three of them to invite, so hopefully you’ll let me squeeze in an extra seat at the table so they can all join :).

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