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For the Year Ahead, 5 Simple Wellness Resolutions With Serious Results

For the Year Ahead, 5 Simple Wellness Resolutions With Serious Results

Just in time for the start of 2022, here are five feel-good resolutions that can be seamlessly incorporated into your day to day.

Welcome to 2022, otherwise known as your big new beginning.

With the start of another journey around the sun comes an opportunity to try again—hence our collective obsession with new year’s resolutions. But, in addition to those large, lofty goals that you may be manifesting, a selection of basic building blocks can provide a more solid starting line from which to chase your dreams.

Resolutions like drinking water, sleeping well, and more home cooking may not sound super-sexy, but they’re sure to support a stronger and more stable you—not to mention that they’re far more sustainable than aspiring to unrealistic standards.
Here, five small wellness resolutions to work into your 2022 routine that will foster big results in your health, relationships, and life.

Up Your Water Intake

Given that our bodies are 60% water, staying hydrated is a commitment that comes with a bevy of benefits. Along with cleansing and detoxing, getting enough water benefits mood, energy levels, and digestion. Dive into your new routine by drinking a glass of water when you wake up and before each meal, and stock up on produce to get some additional H2O via your meals.

End Your Night With a Book (Not a Screen!)

Solid sleep, and its accompanying mental calm, is crucial. Sadly, our collective obsession with reaching for the phone or laptop before bed messes with our precious patterns in a multitude of ways, from harmful blue light to increased alertness at a moment that should find us winding down. Should you need some replacement pre-dream entertainment, opt for a book (we suggest Jean Chen Ho’s witty, warm Fiona and Jane or inaugural poet Amanda Gorman’s new poetry collection?), and allow the words to carry you into a more restful and regenerative slumber.

Hone Your Healthy Home Cooking Skills

Want to hone your skills in the kitchen? Well, practice makes perfect. While you master the art of cooking and embrace your culinary creativity, preparing meals at home doubles as an incredibly easy way to decrease your caloric and salt intake. A bonus: Your wallet will thank you, too.

Make Movement a Must

Exercise need not be a complicated undertaking. If your aim is to incorporate movement into your daily life, we recommend an organic approach. Dance around your living room, take morning walks, or invest in a jump rope. Getting your blood pumping in an accessible way is a great start to a lifelong affair with fitness.

Keep Track of Your Period

As we’ve discussed before, your period is all about taking a moment to tune in, rest up, and recharge—so knowing when it’s coming is key. Tracking your monthly menstruation can ensure you never get caught in the lurch—and give you a better understanding of your body through earned knowledge of frequency, length, and overall mood. In the new year (and years to come), owning your ovulation schedule is essential.

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