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Hello, California! Goodbye, Mask-ne!

Hello, California! Goodbye, Mask-ne!

Since Day One, we've focused on transforming the standard of health care for women. We started by solving the inherent, unnecessary hassle tied to contraception. Today, The Pill Club provides efficient, affordable—some even say joyful!—care for hundreds of thousands of members, delivering more than 140 brands of birth control nationwide right to their doorstep.

Over the past four years, we've doubled down on our mission by meeting your needs for emergency contraception and female condoms, launching a line of period care products, and working to become the only online birth control provider covered by Medicaid. Along the way, you've shared what you love about being a member and as importantly—what you want us to do next.

In fact, many of you have asked for advice on how to slay your maskne, build a skincare routine or simply for a birth control prescription that can improve your acne. In a recent member survey about skincare, 95% said they experienced acne, with 75% having mild to very mild cases of acne.

That's why we're so excited to offer acne-focused dermatology services to our Californian members, with plans to deliver even more products nationwide later this year. Starting today, we can help you fight annoying breakouts with reliable, affordable, and dermatologist-approved online prescription acne solutions.

How it works

Our safe and secure process is a breeze and can be completed from your couch. After completing a brief online questionnaire to share your skin history and goals and upload images of your acne, our team of medical providers will swing into action, reaching out to assess your needs before prescribing the acne treatment best suited for you (if you're medically eligible). Your prescription acne treatment will be shipped directly to you, along with our trademark monthly goodies that our members know and love.


Ready to get started?

Us, too. If you're a member in California, you can get started today! Learn more about our prescription skincare options and pricing here.

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