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‘Hot Vax Summer’? Try Again

‘Hot Vax Summer’? Try Again

Survey results paint a surprising picture.

Gearing up for ‘hot vax summer?’ If your answer comes with caveats, you’re likely not alone. As post-pandemic realities begin to catch up to collective expectations, it seems that the highly anticipated season may find revelers reluctant to engage with one another freely… sexually speaking, that is. Even with vaccination and travel levels on the rise, the learned practices of social distancing and heightened safety concerns serve as hurdles to the full-on liberation predicted by some and yearned for by others.

We asked our members about their feelings around sex, socializing, and dating both during and after the pandemic, and the nearly 6,000 responses tell a story that had more to do with hesitation than unbridled horniness. For those who are single, 64% are more cautious about hookups and casual relationships compared to before the pandemic. Likewise, participants expressed an urge to keep to themselves at present, despite being excited by the prospect of dating again.

Here’s a closer look at our findings:

As with boarding an airplane, attending a concert, or heading back to the office, engaging with a new partner will require a leap of faith, even more so than usual! (According to those surveyed, it will also probably require a fully vaccinated status.) So, while the concept of a sexy summer of love is a buoying possibility, this may in fact be the summer of realigning financials, seeking comfort in public settings, and generally getting reacquainted with “normal” life. Patience, rather than pressure, is key; with time, love will find a way.

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