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How to Get a Prescription for Birth Control

How to Get a Prescription for Birth Control

Navigating the world of birth control in the U.S. can be difficult and confusing. It shouldn’t have to be.

What method is right for me? Why do I need to answer health questions? How can I get my birth control prescription sent to me?

We understand that it can be scary to ask for something you’re not sure about. Read on to learn how to get a birth control prescription and get it delivered for free to your mailbox — care package wellness gifts included. You’ve got options!

Sign up with Pill Club

All you have to do is sign up on our website and indicate that you’d like Pill Club’s medical team to write you a new prescription. After signing up, you’ll answer a brief health questionnaire. This allows us to have a record of your medical history so we can provide you with the healthcare that you need.

Pill Club’s licensed medical professionals will carefully review your questionnaire and, provided everything looks ok, write a birth control prescription that’s best for you. This process is known as telehealth. It’s super important for you to answer as accurately and honestly as possible, so our medical team can prescribe you the most suitable birth control brand and method.

Your healthcare provider can help

Our medical team may be unable to write you a birth control prescription in certain circumstances. This is because your safety is our #1 priority! We might find it necessary to refer you to your healthcare provider for an in-person visit. But don’t fret, you can still become part of Pill Club’s family! Just ask your provider to send your birth control prescription to us. They can do this in the following ways:

  • E-prescribe to “The Pill Club”
  • Call in (844) 388-7455
  • Fax in (888) 873-6994

Then you can sit back and look forward to receiving your birth control in empowerment-packed care packages from Pill Club!

No provider? Try Planned Parenthood

Did Pill Club refer you to your healthcare provider, but you’re worried because you don’t have one? Or maybe you’re concerned about the cost to see a provider? Try Planned Parenthood to get a birth control prescription! Planned Parenthood has reduced costs, serves patients without health insurance, and can offer many services for free, based on your income. And depending on the region, individuals with private insurance plans may be able to use their coverage at Planned Parenthood, too.

And yes, if a healthcare provider at Planned Parenthood writes you a birth control prescription, you can certainly be a part of Pill Club. The process is the same as for any other healthcare provider. While at your Planned Parenthood appointment, ask your provider to send your birth control prescription to us. They can e-prescribe to “The Pill Club,” call in (844) 388-7455 or fax it in at (888) 873-6994.

We want to create a worry-free experience for you…

Regardless of how you obtain your birth control prescription, we’re here for you! Text or call us 24/7 and our team will respond during normal business hours : Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm (PST) and Saturday from 9am-1pm (PST). Text us at 44872 or call (844) 388-7455.

Pill Club wants to create a worry-free experience for you, because birth control can be worrisome enough with the challenges currently surrounding it. In an age where you can access many products and services online, we strive to provide you with easy access to a medication that puts your future in your hands.

We are committed to changing the birth control experience—by improving access, increasing education, and creating the personalized experience that you deserve.

Author: Kimberly Stinson Serrano, former Pill Club Content Strategist/Editor

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