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Meet the Winners from Our July Black Lives Matter Sticker Competition

Meet the Winners from Our July Black Lives Matter Sticker Competition

  • Ally Khantzis
    By: Ally Khantzis

Pill Club stands in solidarity with the millions of people taking to the streets to protest the abhorrent murder of George Floyd and the countless others we’ve lost to senseless acts of racism. We know that there are many ways to show support, and over the course of the past week, we’ve been exploring how we can quickly help our community participate in advocating for change.

Art has always been a medium for personal expression, so in that spirit, we invited Pill Club’s community to submit their own designs for our monthly stickers for the first time. It’s been heartening to see the response and all the inspiring ways our members are using their art and creativity to convey a sense of unity. 

After reviewing more than 80 submissions, our internal panel narrowed it down to 15 entries. We then put these to a vote to the broader company. Once we had the final five, we tapped Pill Club’s Instagram community to help us choose a winner. In recognition of the winning design, we’re making a donation to the Innocence Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to criminal justice reform.

When we asked the five finalists what inspired them to enter their design, it came down to one common thread: to spread inspiration, hope, and positivity through art. We think that’s beautifully articulated in each of these five designs. Read on to learn more about the designers behind them.

The Winner

Meet Adrianne: I attended UC Santa Barbara where I studied and received a Bachelors in Art and Environmental Studies. I now live in LA studying and practicing my art full time to further hone my skills. I would one day like to work in the animation field creating concept art for films and TV shows.

What’s the story behind your design?

The story behind my design would be internalizing my compassion and empathy for black lives, specifically black women, into a piece. I wanted to make a design that illustrated the beauty of black women, which hasn’t been fairly represented by American beauty culture. Black women are also being overlooked as a whole when justice is being called for, one case being Breonna Taylor. I also wanted to demonstrate how black women stand in solidarity with one another and by showing our support as non-black people, we will also stand with them.

How do you hope your sticker will inspire others?

I think my generation really takes a fascination towards stickers and puts them on almost everything they own in order to show what represents them as a person. I think by having a sticker like mine, one that symbolizes Black Lives Matter and equality, it will easily communicate to others that they are willing to combat systemic racism. What I really hope my sticker does is spark conversations that normally wouldn’t be had in a casual setting. I hope people will see it and appreciate not just the look of it, but all that it stands for underneath.

Our Other Finalists

Meet Annie: I’m a junior Illustration major. I grew up on a farm in the mountains for a good part of my life and learned a lot about the world through my experiences here. Because of this, I’ve always wanted to make a positive impact and I had always loved drawing, but I grew up during a recession that made a career in art seem scary and uncertain. It took a lot to get to where I am today, but I believe that art is one of the greatest sources of change and influence that we have in our society, and I hope that I can also be a catalyst for change through my art!

What’s the story behind your design?

I used the raised fist symbol because it’s immediately associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. The raised fist, also called the Black Power fist, has a history of being used in opposition of discrimination and abusive authorities. I think it symbolizes strength in adversity and allyship for those who stand with the oppressed. I surrounded the fist with an assortment of flowers because I think flowers are a lot like people in the way they are all equally beautiful, yet diverse. Flowers are also capable of growing and changing in the same way that people are, so it’s kind of representative of a strive for growth as a society as well.

How do you hope your sticker will inspire others?

When I imagined this design being a sticker for your company, I had hoped that it would be a small act that led to a larger one. By only writing the words “Black Lives Matter” alongside the symbol for the movement, my hope was that it would inspire people to proudly display these stickers in places where they would be seen and conversations could be started. This is important because one of the smallest acts we can do right now that will make the greatest impact is having the uncomfortable conversations and educating each other.

Meet Kayli: I’m an artist, and I studied biology in college. Being able to study the human body and how it works contributed to the idea that we’re all just humans and are the same despite our skin color.

What’s the story behind your design?

My design is two hands holding a heart with the statement “United & Equal.” I wanted to show that despite skin color, we’re all humans and should be treated as that. We should receive equal treatment and be given equal opportunities despite race, gender or age. I am also a firm believer that love and compassion are always the answer. If everyone treated each other with love and compassion, the world would be a better place.

How do you hope your sticker will inspire others?

I hope my sticker will inspire others to take a step back and unite with their fellow humans to gain equality for those who are not receiving equal treatment and opportunity. We need to come together to make change. I hope it will act as a reminder to those who forget that we are and should be united and equal through love and compassion.

Meet Diane: I live in Big Bear Lake, CA with my 2 year old dog, Frankie. I love creating illustrations that empower myself and others to embrace their unique beauty and power!

What’s the story behind your design?

It began with the idea of two friends at a protest holding their hands up together in power and unity; a symbol against the oppressive system. A symbol that we will no longer stand for it. A symbol that we are in it together. There is power in numbers, we won’t be ignored or quieted now that we are standing strong together to fight this. 

How do you hope your sticker will inspire others?

I hope that it will inspire others to stand together and to realize that the more united we are in this fight, the stronger we become! That everyone can use their privilege to further and strengthen the cause. That the system can’t ignore us if we band together and fight together. There is power in unity!

Meet Priscilla: I am an artist from South Texas. I love to create pieces that inspire others to create art, or just simply to enjoy!

What’s the story behind your design?

Being an advocate for the BLM movement, I felt it was my duty to use my art to inform, empower and support. I wanted to make them cute, but fierce and powerful.

How do you hope your sticker will inspire others?

I hope the art inspires others to stand up for what is right. I hope it urges people to use their art as a platform for a great cause and to be a part of the movement!

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