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Menstrual Products Should Be FREE

Menstrual Products Should Be FREE

To Every School in America:

For a moment, imagine what school would be like if campus bathrooms didn’t have any toilet paper or hand soap.

A certain portion of students would be able to buy their own essentials, while economically disadvantaged students would be forced to use their essentials sparingly, borrow these necessities from other students, or stay home and miss school entirely.

Undoubtedly, this would cause a national outrage. Parents and pundits alike would be seen on cable asking: How can schools be doing something so heinous to the students they are charged with protecting and educating? Every day on the nightly news, we would see endless coverage of teachers and professors sneaking toilet paper and soap to their students.

So, why aren’t schools willing to supply their students with period care products in bathrooms, just like toilet paper and hand soap?

Periods are a natural part of the human experience, and the products people are required to buy to continue to be a part of society while they are on their periods should not be a barrier to their education. 

You may think this is only an issue in the developing world, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

1 in 5 young women in the United States left school early or missed school entirely because they didn’t have adequate access to period products.

According to the 2018 Always® Confidence & Puberty Survey, which was based on females aged 16-24 years old, nearly 1 in 5 young women in the United States left school early or missed school entirely because they didn’t have adequate access to period products.

The period poverty phenomenon has affected women for centuries, and now you have the power to do something about it.  

Students should have full access to everything they need to be successful in school. Period poverty is a heartbreaking issue that’s shockingly easy to fix. Putting pads and tampons in women’s restrooms is essential, but these products should also be made available in gender neutral restrooms as well as common areas in dorms to ensure that trans and non-binary students have equal access to the products they need.

As a result of the increased public awareness of period poverty, if schools continue to do nothing, it will be patently obvious that they’re unwilling to serve their students. 


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Natasha Davis, Pill Club Copywriter

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