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Give the Gift of Birth Control With Pill Club

Give the Gift of Birth Control With Pill Club

At Pill Club, it’s our mission to ensure that everyone has access to affordable birth control. That's why we started a giving program for our members to help more women in need of affordable birth control. But first, we want to explain what’s at stake for women’s health and why it’s so important for us all to be a part of this.

One in three women have had trouble accessing birth control since the start of the pandemic. On top of that, it’s estimated that 4 million women who rely on sexual and reproductive health care will now lose job-based health insurance, which covers the cost of contraception and other preventative services. These kinds of challenges to getting reproductive health care aren't new. Even before the pandemic, getting birth control was already a huge burden for many women. That’s especially true for Black women and other people of color, who already face more barriers to sexual and reproductive health services because of systemic inequities.

  • 11.9 million U.S. women don’t have access to affordable birth control.
  • 33% female voters have struggled to afford birth control in the past
  • 19.5 million live in contraceptive deserts, areas without reasonable access to birth control

In response to this, we’re excited to announce that we’re starting with addressing the main obstacle to accessing birth control, which is the cost. For every friend our members welcome into Pill Club, we’ll donate $10 to Bedsider.org to help more women in need of affordable birth control. This is essential to reducing some of the systemic barriers to women’s reproductive health care (cost being one of them) and to ensuring women have a safety net—especially while the pandemic persists.

Bedsider’s shared vision for a future where everyone has affordable and equal access to birth control makes them a natural partner. Just $10 will provide a month of birth control to 2 low-income individuals. It’s worth noting that Bedsider is operated by Power to Decide—the campaign to prevent unplanned pregnancy—which we partnered with in 2019 to provide 5,000 free units of emergency contraception.

Want to refer a friend? Here’s how it works:
Go to this page and make sure you’re logged in. You’ll be able to copy the referral link and share via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or send your friend text—whatever works for you.
Once your friend becomes a member, the donation will be made to Bedsider.org
Receive email updates about the donation amount collectively raised by Pill Club members and how this is benefiting women across the country.

Pill Club was founded on the premise of being a trusted health care provider for women, empowering them through choice, access, and education. Whether it’s giving our members a platform to talk about the impact and benefits of birth control, or partnering with brands and influencers to de-stigmatize the conversation around contraception and sexual health, our mission continues to guide everything that we do. We hope you’ll join us in this latest effort to help close the contraception access gap.

Unfortunately, members on Medicaid plans and other government funded plans are not permitted to participate in this program.

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