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Thanks, Birth Control!

Thanks, Birth Control!

84% of unintended pregnancies have resulted from women who weren’t using contraceptives or who were using them inconsistently. If you look at the numbers, it’s no surprise why: nearly 20 million American women now live in what’s known as contraceptive deserts—areas that lack a single clinic offering the full range of contraceptive care. On top of that, 12 states allow some health care providers to refuse to provide services related to contraception. These disparities—combined with recent efforts by state governments to limit women’s healthcare options—signal an even greater need for broader access to birth control.

National day to celebrate

As a company that’s passionate about empowering women to take control of their reproductive health, we’re committed to making birth control more accessible and affordable. Talking about the importance of birth control is one of the ways to do that. Today, we’re recognizing Thanks, Birth Control Day with our friends at Power to Decide by celebrating all of the things that birth control has made possible for women everywhere.

. . .we’re committed to making birth control more accessible and affordable.

We asked some of Pill Club’s patients how birth control has made a difference in their lives. Here’s a snapshot of what they had to say:

  • “Helped turn my 7-9 day periods into a 1 day period.”
  • “It’s helped me live. My periods are better, acne is better—it makes me feel more in control.”
  • “It’s helped me have a regular lighter period, not to mention I can now afford it.”
  • “I feel more in control of my life and my body. The way it should be…My body, my choice.”
  • “I can have sex without anxiety.”
  • “It has helped make my periods more manageable since my periods have sent me to the ER.”
  • “It’s helped my periods and my mental health become more stable.”

Help others have access

Regular periods. Safe sex. Peace of mind. These are just a few reasons why having access to affordable birth control matters. We believe that everyone deserves the option to choose from a full range of contraceptive care, no matter their needs. Help us ensure that other women have the same freedom and future of possibility by donating to BCBenefits, Power to Decide’s contraception access fund here.

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