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Three Questions With Lori McDaniel, Senior HR Generalist

Three Questions With Lori McDaniel, Senior HR Generalist

Lori McDaniel, Senior HR Generalist

Meet Lori McDaniel from the People team, a Senior HR Generalist with over twenty years of experience in HR management. Lori lives in Texas with her husband, four dogs, and ornery pot belly pig (!).  Jorge Vargas spoke with Lori about her career path, goals, and the cabin vacation she can’t wait to (one day) take.

Tell us about your path that led you to join The Pill Club.

I’ve been working in staffing and HR management for the past two decades. Most recently, I spent the last five years in senior HR management for a pharmacy software company—that experience definitely helped propel my understanding of what we do here at The Pill Club!  

The company’s mission to empower women through choice and health care access really appealed to me. Then the deal was sealed when I spoke with many members of the leadership team during my interviews—I was convinced that the culture here is where I needed to be.

What kind of impact do you hope to have on the company?

I hope I can make a positive impact on employee engagement and the company as a whole. I want all of our team members—tenured and new—to have a positive work experience that feels safe, engaging, and desirable and that gets them excited to wake up in the morning!

One of my biggest goals is to build complete trust with our employees. I may not always be able to solve every problem or tell them what they want to hear, but they will always know they can trust coming to me with anything.

If you could take a vacation (when it’s safe again), what’s your ideal trip?

A cabin in the middle of nowhere with lakes so I can just fish and relax. Even though I lived in Hawaii for several years, I’m not a beach person— I've never even put more than a toe in the water!

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