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Treat Yourself!

Treat Yourself!

10 ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day – to you!

Sometimes life can feel like a blur. The season of festive gatherings rushed by, and we dove headfirst into the new year. It’s time to take a deep breath and lower those tense shoulders.

Go on, try it. Ahhh, doesn’t that feel better?

While parties and gift-giving with coworkers, family, and friends can be joyful, it’s also likely that a large percentage of those moments were focused on others and their happiness. Craving some “me” time? If so, think about regularly implementing acts of self-care into your life. We’ve made it easy for you to start right away — with a list of ten creative ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day to yourself. They’re so great, you’ll probably want to share them. Or hey, if you decide to keep them all to yourself, go for it! That’s what self-love is all about…

1. Bring the outside in

Plants work wonders to brighten up your work or study area, and research has shown that they can also help to reduce stress, increase productivity, and even clean the air! Treat yourself to a little piece of nature like these beauties from Urban Succulents. Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry. Succulents require very little maintenance.

2. Glow

Take a break from light bulbs. Family-run company Honey Candles offers 100% beeswax candles in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Their candles have a gentle natural honey scent, are locally-sourced, and have no toxic additives for a clean burn. And get this , the candlemakers provide regular donations for honeybee research. Sweet!

3. Work it out ! Ohhhh my. . .

Have a knot to work out? This Thera Cane Massager was recently the talk of our office. It was passed around from person to person and blissful sounds filled the room. The massager’s unique shape lets you put the pressure just where you want it. Great when you need to unwind, and best of all , you don’t need an appointment.

4. Schedule favorites

group of people inside the restaurant

This may be the easiest tip, ever.

  1. Pick something positive and good for you. Be sure that it makes you happy: whether it’s meeting a treasured friend for brunch, going to a rock-climbing session, or calmly sitting in your favorite park watching the world go by.
  2. Schedule that on repeat in your calendar! You’ll be so glad you took time for yourself.

5. Move

woman jumping in mid-air near body of water during daytime

February is the month to focus on heart health, so get yours pumping by taking a walk or a hike in nature. If staying at home is more your style, turn up your favorite jam and dance around. After you’ve worked up a sweat doing your activity of choice, reach for a natural bamboo fiber towel from Swol. These soft and durable towels are eco-friendly and absorb odor, so your gym bag will thank you!

6. Remember the hydration equation

Photo credit: Hummingbird

Remembering to keep hydrated is sometimes a challenge. Using a reusable glass straw from Hummingbird can make hydration fun. Straw options include a variety of colors, wide and bent straws, and even straws with glass creatures perched on the side. Bonus: your reusable straw will help keep plastic out of landfills and oceans. Place a few berries and a splash of lemon juice into a glass of water, throw in some fresh mint, and sip away!

7. Get cuddly for a cause

Photo credit: Conscious Step

Here’s some TLC for your feet, and for the world. Conscious Step socks go beyond providing your toes with stylish options. They also provide support to some of the world’s largest problems. Every pair donates to a cause. You can select from over 10 areas of concern, including animal rescue, treating HIV, providing clean water, and more.

8. Banish a blemish

Photo credit: Hero Cosmetics

Blemishes happen to everyone, so why not use a little hero the next time a zit pops up? Mighty Patches from Hero Cosmetics can be applied on top of a pesky pimple or breakout area, and hydrocolloid technology does the rest. The clear finish of these patches make them a match for any skin tone. Patches work to draw out impurities from pimples while also creating a barrier against bacteria. Even better , wearing a blemish patch can act as a deterrent to picking fingers.

9. Write a love note

Photo credit: Ladyfingers Letterpress

Who doesn’t love beautiful paper? Switch it up this Valentine’s Day and write yourself a cheeky message on a hand-printed card from Ladyfingers Letterpress. This frame-worthy collection includes postcards, tote bags, art prints, and more.

10. Get birth control  in the mail

If you’re a birth control user, have Pill Club take the headache out of pharmacy visits. Get your prescription delivered straight to your door! To make things special, all members receive their birth control in signature care packages filled with free wellness gifts, stickers, and sweet treats. Cost is free with most insurance plans.


Kimberly Stinson Serrano, Pill Club Content Strategist/Editor

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