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What to Watch, Read, Listen To, and Do on World Contraception Day

What to Watch, Read, Listen To, and Do on World Contraception Day

A list of recommendations for making the most of World Contraception Day.

With World Contraception Day coming this Sunday, the time has never been better to brush up on your knowledge, habits, and routines around birth control. Read on for the Pill Club’s picks for learning (and unlearning) about your sexual health and wellness, and supporting those striving to make the female future an empowered one.


Visit the Pill Club Vending Machine

A female-centric vending machine in an easily accessible location transmutes from fantasy to reality on September 26 with the Pill Club’s pop-up. Located on Lafayette and Houston Streets, the machine features products selected to aid in your sex life and vaginal health, from feminine wipes to pH balancers and Plan B. We like to think of it as a glimpse into a far superior future for people who menstruate.


Sandra Day O'Connor: The First

As Supreme Court’s first female justice, Sandra Day O’Connor spent a quarter of a century supporting women’s rights, including the right to accessible birth control. This new film from PBS documents the life of this trailblazing women, and highlights the importance of protecting a woman’s right to bodily autonomy—regardless of political party or ideology.


Vagina: A Re-Education

When it comes to our vaginas, there’s a lot to unlearn. Pick up Vagina: A Re-Education by Lynn Enright to begin separating long-supported lies from truth, a feat achieved through anecdotes, humor, and straight-up facts. To begin, Enright shares that the hymen and how we view it is a myth—it was this startling reality that inspired her to write her book.



Smart women dissecting recent politics, pop culture, and news? Sign us up. Each week, Hysteria finds political commentator and comedy writer Erin Ryan and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Alyssa Mastromonaco breaking down relevant issues with a rotating roster of hilarious, sharp, and opinionated women. Consider it a riotous, informative dinner party conversation, recorded for your benefit.


Supporting the work being done to protect our right to birth control is more important now than ever before. Bedsider is an online birth control support network for women aged 18-29 operated by Power to Decide, the campaign to prevent unplanned pregnancy. Because babies are wonderful, but only if and when a woman decides that she is ready to welcome one.

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