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What to Watch, Read, Listen To, Buy, and Do on Your Period This January

What to Watch, Read, Listen To, Buy, and Do on Your Period This January

A list of recommendations for some maximized downtime during that time of this month.

To-do lists are often equated with stress and busyness, but this round-up of recommendations is designed to wind you down when your period arrives. Here’s what to watch, read, listen to, buy, and do for some maximized downtime during that time of this month.

Welcome to the first month of a shiny new year! From NYE’s traditional glitter to the sparkle that comes with the winter’s frost, January is a time to cultivate the kind of brilliance that you want carry with you through the rest of 2022. The best way to begin? With some well-earned rest! Considering the stressors of the past two years and the frantic nature of the holiday season, we recommend using January as an excuse to ground down, watch a movie, catch up on some reading, and do some personal care planning. Here, The Pill Club’s picks for January, chosen to help you start the year off right.


The 355

The traditional ensemble action spy film gets a feminist makeover with The 355. Named for Agent 355, a female spy during the American Revolution, the movie follows a star-studded cast of international agents (Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger, Penelope, and Lupita Nyong’o, to be exact) from around the world as they embark on a breakneck mission to retrieve a top-secret weapon that has fallen into the wrong hands.


Fiona and Jane, Jean Chen Ho

A highly anticipated debut from Taiwanese author Jean Chen Ho, Fiona and Jane follows two Asian women as they navigate life in modern America. Spanning time and place (the two have been BFFs since second grade, spend their teen years in L.A., and eventually find themselves in other cities, navigating new relationships), the story is all about youth, growth, and the (messy) layers of female friendship. Consider it reason enough  to start a book club with your own long-loved, long-distance friends.


Keys, Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys’s eighth studio album comes with some powerhouse features—think Brandi Carlile, Lil Wayne, and Khalid—and an accompanying short film featuring appearances from the likes of Snoop Dogg and husband Swizz Beatz. But guest stars aside, the album is a sister to Keys’s 2020 release, Alicia, and serves to further showcase the artist’s talent and range.


Add Period Care to Your TPC Subscription

New year, same flow. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to never again be caught without a pad or tampon, we’re here to help: Simply add period care to your TPC subscription. Emergency trips to the corner drugstore? So 2021.


Sign Up for ACA Health Insurance Before the 1/31 Deadline

January is the time to do some #adulting—in this case, by making sure you opt into health insurance through the ACA (or Obamacare, as it is sometimes called), which offers individual insurance options for those who don’t have coverage through an employer or alternative aid. Whether you’re turning 26 this year or simply need to renew an existing plan, prioritize health and preparedness and sign up by month’s end.

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