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What to Watch, Read, Listen To, Buy, and Do on Your Period This November

What to Watch, Read, Listen To, Buy, and Do on Your Period This November

A list of recommendations for some maximized downtime during that time of this month.

To-do lists are often equated with stress and busyness, but this round-up of recommendations is designed to wind you down when your period arrives. Here’s what to watch, read, listen to, buy, and do for some maximized downtime during that time of this month.  

The holidays are on the horizon, along with the sort of chilly weather that finds us cozying up indoors. This month, use the lead-up to the busier portion of the season to rest up with rom-coms, swoony tunes, and books that promote hope and gratitude (the better to get into that Thanksgiving mood). And as for the Black Friday sales, we suggest indulging in a restock of the beauty products that help you feel your best. Here, The Pill Club’s picks for November, chosen to enhance your autumnal recharge.


Love Hard

The onset of the holidays means one thing for certain: Seasonal romantic comedies are coming your way. This month, Netflix’s Love Hard—starring Nina Dobrev—arrives with a tale of online dating, catfishing, attractive strangers, and the prospect of finding love in unexpected places (and people).


The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times

Hope is the undercurrent of Dr. Jane Goodall’s impossibly inspiring life—and her latest work is a tribute to it and her own reasons for cultivating it, from the resilience of nature to the indomitable human spirit. Consider this a go-to gift for those around you who may be having a hard time finding the silver linings around current clouds.


Red (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift is reclaiming Red! Originally released in 2012, Red tells a story of heartbreak: the highs, the lows, the memories, and the wild, often unexpected growth. It also marks the moment when Swift began to move toward her identity as a pop star, trading that characteristic country twang for a more mainstream lean and a bevy of evocative musical styles. With the songs now available on Swift’s own terms, listening is an even more empowering experience.


Anything and Everything at Sephora’s Black Friday Sale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—Sephora’s Black Friday deals are here. Whether you’re restocking your own collection of skin-care, makeup, and hair essentials or grabbing beauty products to bestow upon your loved ones, Sephora’s annual sale makes it easy to fill your virtual cart to the brim while staying within your budget.


Stock Up On Pregnancy Tests for a Peace of Mind

True relaxation comes from peace of mind, which can be hard to access if you have any anxieties about your health. Even if pregnancy is not currently a consideration, keeping pregnancy tests—like those now offered by The Pill Club—on hand helps ensure that should the moment arise, anxieties can be quickly quelled.

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