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Are You Ready for Reproductive Health Emojis?

Are You Ready for Reproductive Health Emojis?

Sign our petition to see pill packs, tampons, and more on your own keyboard!

It seems there’s an emoji for nearly every situation. Need to borrow your friend’s abacus? Check! Want to send 20 different-colored hearts? No problem.

However, there’s a noticeable lack of emojis that address menstruation—not to mention that it’s still frustratingly taboo to speak openly about your period. About 26% of the global population (nearly 2 billion people) get their period, and 3 out of every 4 women experience PMS. Oral contraception (aka the pill) is the most popular form of birth control, and approximately 11 million people in America use it. Yet nearly half of the people surveyed by The Pill Club are embarrassed to talk about their cramps or ask for a tampon, and menstruation, birth control, and reproductive health are still widely stigmatized.

88% of people surveyed by The Pill Club would love to see emojis that speak to these topics, so The Pill Club created a birth control pill pack, tampon, and uterus emoji to increase visibility and decrease reservations around openly discussing your period. “Until we as a society can make space and communicate about things as basic and simple as women’s health — it shouldn't be TMI,” Liz Meyerdirk, CEO, told The Hill.

Do you want to see these emojis on your own keyboard? Sign our petition today to show UNICODE, Slack, and other developers that you support the creation of inclusive emojis for every time of the month!

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